February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Every year in Australia over 1510 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and in that year 1056 die from the disease.

There is no screening test for ovarian cancer so women need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the disease. In Australia the overall five year survival rate for ovarian cancer is 46% compared to breast cancer’s survival rate of 91% mainly thanks to awareness, continuous research and funding.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is held each February to raise awareness of the  signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, to share the stories of real women affected by the disease, to highlight the risk factors for ovarian cancer and educate Australians on ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Over the past 30 years we have been able to achieve some progress for ovarian cancer but there is still much we need to do. Other cancers have been able to achieve amazing improvements in awareness, funding and survival rates and we want the same hope for our women.

For the state of ovarian cancer to improve, we need major changes in awareness, treatment and funding. We need teal to have its time in the spotlight. We need all Australians to stand with us and take action.

For more information go to https://ovariancancer.net.au/


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