Anti and Post Natal Care

Here at Pakenham Family Health we can help you with all your anti and post natal care. We can guide you through your pregnancy journey, working together with your obstetrics team at your chosen hospital.

We provide counselling prior to your pregnancy and can organise routine tests, as well as physical and mental examination, if needed, to ensure that you are fit and ready to grow your family. If you would like to do genetic testing, our doctors can organise a referral for Genetic Carrier Screening which is a blood test that tests for three conditions – Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Status, Fragile X Carrier Screening Status and Spinal Muscular Atrophy Carrier Status. The blood test to test for all 3 conditions costs around $385 and it is payable to the laboratory. Unfortunately, there is no Medicare rebate or Health Fund rebate available at this stage. For more information go to:


Shared Care Pregnancy Model

All our doctors can provide shared care up to 20 weeks of gestation.  Shared care model works by spliting the ante natal care between your local practitioner and a birthing hospital or centre. You see your GP for some pregnancy appointments, and go to hospital for others.

Routine tests are organised during this time, including blood tests, the first viability U/S at around 8-10 weeks gestation, Combined First Trimester Down Syndrome Screening (between 10-12 weeks gestation) or the NIPT (from 10 weeks gestation).

It is important that pregnant women look after their health before, but especially during the pregnancy. To protect their health and their unborn baby women should be immunised against the Flu and Whooping Cough.


Post natal care

Post-natal care includes the 6 weeks mummy and bub check, first immunisations and contraception advice. Regardless of whether this was your first or fifth baby, post-natal depression and anxiety can occur at any stage in the first year after giving birth. If at any time during pregnancy or after you find yourself not coping please don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.

For more information on mental health go to

You can rest assured all your anti and post natal care is in safe hands with our experienced doctors.

Our practice offers Bulk-billing to both new and existing patients holding a valid Medicare card with no out-of-pocket cost for standard consultations from Monday to Friday

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